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  • Sebastian Harrison

    Sebastian Harrison

    Environmental Engineer and Writer www.leavesfromthetree.com

  • Kate Nelson

    Kate Nelson

    Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning and Data science expert. Passionate about nature, environment and human rights.

  • Alain Airom

    Alain Airom

  • Quantum Computing Collective

    Quantum Computing Collective

    We are the Quantum Computing Collective at The University of Texas at Austin. We publish our weekly labs as medium articles for everyone to learn about quantum.

  • Nuno Edgar Fernandes

    Nuno Edgar Fernandes

  • Johnkatsas


  • Andrew McLeod

    Andrew McLeod

    Data Scientist. Machine Learning Consultant and a Proud Father. Music Lover ….

  • Zaid Alissa Almaliki

    Zaid Alissa Almaliki

    Welcome to Zaid Alissa Almaliki’s Medium channel. I am CEO and data scientist @akkadianinvestments

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