Lord Shiva, Buddha, Sri Amit Ray, Shri Gorakhnath, Purnananda Swami, Saraha, Kabir Das, Tirumular, Sir John Woodroffe, Abraham Maslow, and Curl Jung are common names associated with the inventions of the chakras. But who discovered them?

Who invented the chakras?
Who invented the chakras?

In this fascinating study of the origins of chakras, many historian reveals that there is no historical, or even theological, basis for the orthodox view that the chakras are the words from God. Rather chakras were invented for providing scientific foundation of integrating body, mind and soul.

Original Chakra Traditions

Chakras and the Tantric Traditions, taken together, form the foundation of Hinduism and Buddhism. There was some mention of the chakras as psychic centers of consciousness in the Yoga Upanishads around 600 BCE. However, the chakra traditions were more popular around 8th century in the Eastern Part of India.

Early History of Chakras in India

The teachers like Shri…

The chakra system are more ancient than any other healing or meditation systems in the world. Very interesting to know the journey of the chakra system. Who discovered it?

There is some mention of the chakras as psychic centers of consciousness in the Yoga Upanishads ( 600 BC). However, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali did not mentioned about the chakras. The Buddhist practice of Samadhi through Anna Pana Sati; awareness of breathing, or Vipassana meditations did not mentioned about the chakras. The eleven primary Upanishads did not mentioned about the chakras in the body. …

Learning Outcome: Emotions and Brain Connectivity Relationships

“It is not the isolated left-brain or right-brain regions but the connectivity of the 72,000 nadis and the 114 chakras drives the human behavior.”— Sri Amit Ray

Human have so many emotions. The primary five emotions are: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness are respected by the body and brain. Sometimes you experience several emotions at once and that sometimes it is necessary to control a feeling and not to act on it. This process is called emotion regulation.

The chakras — the energy centers and the nadis — the energy channels, in the body are the key instruments in human…

15 Top Manifestation Quotes Buddha, Amit Ray, and others
15 Top Manifestation Quotes Buddha, Amit Ray, and others

You can have the best things of life that you want. If you have a clear and organized mind. Manifestation is not a single event, but a daily routine.

These 15 manifesting quotes will help you to organize your mind and boost your manifesting ability.

These quotes are from the people of great wisdom. They should help you and guide you on the path of better understanding manifestation and work in your favor.

Artificial Intelligence Quotes Amit Ray
Artificial Intelligence Quotes Amit Ray
The true AI systems are more than pattern matching or data mining. They make constant abstraction of the world they have encountered so far, enabling them to anticipate what is to come and to serve humanity in a better way. — Amit Ray

The applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for X-ray and CT-Scan image analysis using Convolutional neural network architectures, Generative adversarial networks, transfer learning, and data augmentation techniques are discussed.

Currently, AI algorithms embedded on a mobile x-ray and CT-Scan devices for automated diagnosis, measurements, case prioritization, and quality control are most popular research area. More than 60,000 research articles have been published related to the use of deep learning in healthcare and related applications. Established architectures, such as ResNet-50 or DenseNet-161 (with 50 and 161 representing the number of layers within the respective neural network) are easy to use.

Harassment risks, political voter manipulation, favoritism and discrimination are the key areas of ethical AI systems.

It became clear that ethical misconduct of AI systems and social robots are becoming a global issue. The ethical scandals of AI systems will not be limited to organizations, but also permeate public life. It is made abundantly clear by recent scandals involving politicians in the social media U.S. The use of Artificial Intelligence system for political misuse or misconducts must be under control. Harassment risks, political voter manipulation, favoritism and discrimination are the key areas of ethical AI systems.

The ethical AI systems Amit Ray Quotes
The ethical AI systems Amit Ray Quotes

“The ethical AI systems must learn not discriminate and not to manipulate any one based on race, color, religion, gender…

Saint Amit Ray said the best mantra for a happy life as “It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters.”

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To be happy is the purpose life. But many people struggle to find happiness in their life. Why does this life seem to be difficult when it is actually so simple. Because we are so much into making things complicated.

1. Change your mind and train your mind

Change how you think about yourself. Remove the negative…

Happy United Nations Day 2020. Today is the United Nations Day. It is observed every year on October 24.

Happy United Nations Day
Happy United Nations Day
Happy United Nations Day 2020

The United Nations officially came into existence on 24 October 1945. UN Day marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter. The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and its founding Charter.

The United Nations was founded immediately after the end of World War II. It succeeded in the failed League of Nations with the aim of preventing further wars. It is an intergovernmental organization whose primary role is to maintain world peace and security.

Some of the best quotes, sayings, messages by famous people on united nations and peace…

Quantum Machine Learning Current Research Scenario

With classical machine learning having reached its limit and advanced computing requirements on the rise owing to the advent of big data and artificial intelligence, quantum computing has turned the need of the hour. However, dealing with the complexities of quantum machine learning is a challenge that many companies are trying to overcome. Although the technology is still at a nascent stage, it is imperative for all industries to begin exploring the potential of quantum artificial intelligence and quantum machine learning and develop a road map for customized use cases.

Current Research on Quantum Machine Learning

Currently the top leaders in quantum machine learning technology are

We want more positive moments in our lives. Positive questions before sleep make positive connections in our brain. Just before sleep, let’s just think about something really positive and build positive connections on that in our.

In fact, training your brain to think differently physically changes your brain. That’s why so many therapists use Ray 114 Chakra System Healing and Meditation techniques to help people create long-lasting positive changes in our brain. Making these three questions as daily habits, can keep you performing at a high level.

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The great thing about these three questions is that they help you improve…

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